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“Our trainer turned us onto Barbara.  Thank God! We couldn't be happier. There have been other massage therapists through our doors over the years, but Barbara has been the best EVER!  She is very knowledgeable and passes on her healthful information.  Thank you Barbara for the best massages we've ever had."  Allen & Cynthia H.

“Barb Toman has been an excellent resource in educating me not only on Juice Plus+ but also nutrition in general.  My kids love the Juice Plus+ gummies and are healthier now more than ever.  I credit Juice Plus+ and Barb's resourcefulness for their health and less doctor visits :) She doesn't just sell products, she stands behind them, and is always available when questions arise. I trust Barb and the products she sells. Thanks for giving us a healthier living style through your constant education and support."
Sincerely, Gloria J.
"Barbara is an amazing massage therapist. Her body work has helped me and she massaged my 4 year old son when he had a stiff neck.  She also provided massages for my friends and clients at a party I hosted in my home. They all couldn't say enough great things about her massage techniques. She is deeply spiritual and she brings that to her healing physical touch.  I look forward to my next time I may experience her
 "hand-y" work." Christine Haught, Interior Designer
"What can I say but WOW!  Barb has a wealth of information on health and nutrition and is constantly reaching out to others so that they will benefit as well. Her customer service is second to none, immediately following up with any questions that I may have regarding my Juice Plus+ orders and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.  Thanks Barb!"  Michele Mihalich
"Barb is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work.  You can trust her to steer you in the right direction. She has been so helpful to me with Juice Plus+ products-my whole family is benefiting from them. Barb has changed our lives for the healthier!"  Nancy L.
"A group that I belong to first led me to become acquainted with Barb about two years ago. I thought that she was a very comfortable and sincere person to be around.  Since that time, I have gotten to know her and the things that she believes in even more.  I have tried some of her Juice Plus+ products in the form of gummies.  I ordered them for my girls when they did not have a wide range of food interests.  I especially love having the jars around when somebody needs an extra health boost after a long day to get them back on track.  Barb is still a friend and always passes along healthful information which I appreciate."  T. Began
"Juice Plus+ is doing great for myself and my daughter. It is helping to ensure our good nutrition and increasing our immune systems through good nutrtion.  I have been sick less this past winter and I attribute it to Juice Plus+.  Being that I work in a doctor's office, exposed to many germs & viruses daily, this is a great feat.  Thank you for introducing this product to us.  I have also run across other people that have told me that they are taking Juice Plus+ and everyone of them had only high praises of the product.  Thank you."  Sherry Kovacs
"Barb is an inspiration to me. She has helped me with nutrition." 
Elene Konstantinopoulos
"Barbara is amazing!  I have had many massages over the years, and Barbara is definitely at the very top of the list.  She has provided me with two massages per week over the last 9 weeks, so I think I am qualified to speak on her behalf!  Somehow, she intuitively knows where I needed 'a little extra work', where and when to increase and decrease pressure, and exactly how to give me exactly what I need, without me even having to tell her.  In addition to Barbara's incredible technical skills, she is always willing and flexible in working with me to schedule appointments that accommodate my difficult calendar, including weekends and evenings.  I especially appreciate her coming to my home; it doesn't get much more convenient than that!  As a recent post-operative patient, massage was required and necessary as part of my recovery.  Barbara took the time to discuss and understand the requisite protocol with my doctor and has been an integral part of my healing process.  I truly believe that Barbara genuinely cares about my health and well-being.  Barbara has my highest recommendation!"  Erica Gustafson
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